Massage Chair

The massage chairs offered by utilize advanced technology to provide ample comfort to the users.

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Picnic tables are used for dining, resting, doing crafts, and other activities. Picnic tables can be found outdoors in many public parks, residential back yards, rest areas, campgrounds, and many other places. Picnic tables are also used indoors when it is desired to have attached seating to tables. This is most common is school cafeterias, community centers, and employee break rooms. Each table usually seats from six to eight people, though smaller and larger capacity tables are available.

• It is very easy to unfold and set up in few seconds
• It is very light weight but durable
• It is very easy to clean and use lasting
• Made up of aluminum body which makes it light and strong
• It is very convenient to carry in car after folding
• Can be used in outdoor events, parties, travelling, camping, leisure & lawns
• Its frame is made up of wood, bamboo, aluminium & plastic
• Available in many colors like red, bue, green, yellow, silver & white
• Very less cost when compared its usage and durability

• Table Size: Length = 85.5 cm Width = 67 cm & Height = 66.5
• Gross weight:9.6KG
• Body frame : Aluminum