Who We Are
For our customers, we aim to be India's leading Online marketing company by providing round-the-clock product deliveries and value-added services. Our manufacturers can rely on us to provide unparalleled marketing services for their products. For our franchisees and retailers, we will offer unlimited growth opportunities and value-added schemes. For our stakeholders, we aim to set new trends in the field of Online marketing, working towards productivity and profitability, as a corporation.
We plan to establish more retail outlets for selling products that have completed their life cycle on television, but have an equity which can be optimized.
Our online store is growing rapidly and we are working towards turning it into the largest online shopping mall in India and the preferred shopping destination for customers.
By using direct marketing tools, we are selling products that need one-on-one interaction directly to customers.
Specially selected institutions and corporate organisations will be targeted as part of our marketing strategy.
Business opportunity for Global Health Mate

To Achieve perfection and growth in Life , everyone has to cross mountain, rocks of hardship and not soft grass. To soar above the mountain like eagles is what we are seeking for growth for all associates. Global Health Mate Established in November 2010 is now a renowned name in the field of Online Selling through Direct Sales , Multi Level Marketing and Online Promotion Sales . The Directors and promoters are highly qualified and experienced in different fields, having vast experience in industrial and administration relations and has supported by a group of companies, who are engaged in manufacturing , trading and engineering fields.
Our customers can rely on us to provide unparalleled products. Our aim is to provide genuine & well researched products to all our customer